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Lecturer and Researcher in Neurorobotics

My Research in Videos

My research interests transferring concepts from neuroscience into robotics in order to build a comprehensive brain model for humanoid robots.

Motor Program Learning for Humanoid Robot Drawing

Humanoid robot grasping with a soft gripper

Design of Soft Exosuit for Elbow Assistance Using Butyl Rubber Tubes and Textile

Tactile and Proximity Servoing by A Multi-modal Sensory Soft Hand

Gait Transition between Simple and Complex Locomotion in Humanoid Robots

Design of New Sensory Soft Hand: Combining Air-Pump Actuation with Superimposed Curvature and Pressure Sensors

Learning Diverse Motor Patterns with a single Multi-Layered Multi-Pattern CPG for a Humanoid Robot

Extending Cortical-Basal Inspired Reinforcement Learning Model with Success-Failure Experience  

[Debanath and Nassour 2014]

Success-Failure Learning 

[Nassour et al. 2009]

Qualitative Adaptive Reward Learning 

[Nassour et al. 2013]

Multi-Layered Multi-Pattern CPG

[Nassour et al. 2014]

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